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Jeremih & Shlohmo - F*ck You All The Time (Video)

One of my personal favorite joints from Jeremih “Fuck You All The Time” received an extended-remix on his and Shlohmo’s No More EP. Now, the track receives an official video. Check it out up top and be sure to grab Jeremih’s N.O.M.A. EP as well.

"Let It Go" By Fekky

Fekky - Let It Go

This post is an embedded Soundcloud player.  These posts don’t show up on the tumblr dashboard.  That is why I provided the link above.

To me, this song by Fekky, “Let It Go,” is one of the many highlights from the latest Southern Hospitality podcast for Soho Radio.

Hip-hop Top 101 Videos

"Exodus 23:1" By Pusha T

Source: YouTube / Pusha T

Shouts out to Lil Wayne.  My story about discovering Tha Carter is a fascinating story I will tell one day in my memoirs.  It is a beautiful story filled with poetry.  I was in my early to mid twenties and trying to be sober for the first time in my life with any so-called “success.”  I literally isolated myself from the world and listened to Lil Wayne’s songs on a portable CD player in a strange land everyday when I arrived home from work to my small four wall studio apartment.  I can still hum the words to "Birdman Jr."

Weezy, you signed Drake and Nicki Minaj!

Hip-hop Top 101 Videos

Zilla, TimsWhenItsWarm, And Jay Dot Rain - “Her” Produced By Block Bettaz

Source: YouTube / Broken Lifestyle

I am stealing this post from Dirty Glove Bastard with extreme enthusiasm.

Is there any state in the United States Of America that is providing the country with better Hip-hop than Alabama?  R.I.P. Doe B. 

I have previously attempted to document my point of view about Zilla and his unlimited potential.

Hip-hop Top 101 Videos

Darq E. Freaker ft. Danny Brown - Blueberry (Pelican Fly Allstars Remix)

Source : YouTube / Mary Rachel Kostreva

This is a video for a remix that the website Southern Hospitality had some involvement with on some level.

This video is one of the most fascinating visual feasts my eyes ever consumed.

I think about this video all the time.

This video is less safe for work than porn.

Songs That Say The Phrase “Life’s A Bitch” Except The Song “Life’s A Bitch” By Nas And AZ

"Everything" by The Jacka

"That’s a powerful chorus,

I overstand “Life’s A Bitch,” so I get rich for us.”  (one minute and twenty seconds)

Source: YouTube / suudabraalis

It seems appropriate that frequent Cormega collaborator The Jacka is featured in a series that is inspired by Cormega.

The Jacka had a song featured on the first compilation Cormega put together.  The compilation is called Legal Hustle and the song is "More Crime."

On the next compilation Cormega put together, Who Am I?, Jacka had a song on there with Yukmouth and Keek Da Sneak called "Lookin’ At It."

Finally, on Tear Gas, an excellent Jacka solo album, Cormega jumped on a Jim Morrison inspired song called "Storm."

Songs That Say The Phrase “Life’s A Bitch” Except The Song “Life’s A Bitch” by Nas And AZ

"The Come Up" by Cormega featuring Large Professor

"They say that I’m ‘The Truth.’

Life’s a bitch I pray I seduce.”

Rap Genius Page

Source: YouTube / jaeboe


Presenting a fly-entific periodic table that swaps halogens and noble gasses for hip-hop’s hallowed-gents and noble lasses! It catalogues 223 naturally occurring, never-word-slurring rappers in all, from N(as) and (Dr) Dre to (Mf) Doom and (A$)AP Rocky to (D)rake and Snoop D-O-(gg).

Napoleon - “This Is Your Life Kid” featuring Wise One

Source: YouTube / theGOODdieYOUNG

I believe this is a fan made video.  The song is a mostly forgotten track from an album that was never released.  As described on the YouTube page the footage is from a movie called Thug Life that was made in 2001.

I have determined that this is one of the 101 best Hip-hop videos ever.

I am against all violence.  I find it is efficient to take a personal stand against guns.  Taking a personal stand against guns is efficient for me because it makes my path against violence a “Path Of Less Resistance.”

The only reason why I am mentioning all of this stuff is because the video shows Napoleon waving a gun around in the air.  It is not painful for me to see these sights.  Seeing this sight does remind me about my choices against guns and violence.

If somebody has a different point of view than mine, I respect their views. 


"Take Me to the River" is a feature film celebrating the inter-generational and inter-racial musical influence of Memphis in the face of pervasive discrimination and segregation. The film brings multiple generations of award-winning Memphis and Mississippi Delta musicians together, following them through the creative process of recording a historic new album, to re-imagine the utopia of racial, gender and generational collaboration of Memphis in its heyday. Featuring Terrence Howard, William Bell, Snoop Dog, Mavis Staples, Otis Clay, Lil P-Nut, Charlie Musselwhite, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Yo Gotti, Bobby Rush, Frayser Boy, The North Mississippi All-Stars and many more.

Opens in theaters near you on September 12!