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G-Side Is Back

The track is called “Statue.”  When G-Side releases their next album, I predict we will have another classic on our hands.

The Huntsville, Alabama duo makes some of the trillest music for the streets.

I personally like to think of Block Beataz as the third member of G-Side.  I don’t even know if that makes sense because I think Block Beataz are two guys.  It doesn’t matter.  Block Beataz is on the boards or they are on the 1’s and 2’s.  What I am trying to say is that they produced this joint.



There is a wholeness, an impenetrable circularity, to ‘The Infamous’ as a result. Havoc, who grew up in Queensbridge, taught Prodigy in the secret-handshake style of his projects, while Prodigy, whose grandparents were jazz royalty, taught Havoc how to use studio equipment. In each case, the student became more adept than the teacher, and the result is a seamless cohesion, Havoc and Prodigy representing two halves of an endlessly repeating thought.

Havoc’s Brother: We Called Him Killa

Chapter 25

Veteran’s Memorial Pt. 2

Source: YouTube / PaperChaserDotComTV

H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 by Prodigy came out April 22, 2008.  We have about three years between this song and the previous song.  If I have missed anything please email me at

I need to get a quick fact out of the way.  The song before this one on H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 is called "Click Clack featuring Big Twins."  At the end of “Click Clack” there is a brief sample that only lasts for a few seconds.  The sample says something about “walking through the valley of death.”  Check out the end of the rap genius page for “Click Clack.”  I think this is intended to be an introduction for “Veteran’s Memorial Pt. 2.”

"Veteran’s Memorial Pt. 2" is a sequel to "Veteran’s Memorial."  I previously did a post about the original “Veteran’s Memorial.”

rap genius page for “Veteran’s Memorial Pt. 2”

Like a lot of songs I have covered for this series, “Veteran’s Memorial Pt. 2” was produced by The Alchemist.

The entire first verse is about Havoc’s brother “Killa Black.”

This is the song that influenced the title of my series.  Specifically, “We Called Him Killa.”

I have made references before about consistent threads that run throughout the songs in this series.  Take notice that Prodigy references the lyrics “Light a candle on your death and birthday, Lord have mercy it seems you cursed me.”  These lyrics are originally from the Infamous Mobb song "Light A Candle."

My favorite lyrics from this song are in the third verse.  Prodigy is talking about being in a hospital bed:

And Shamik from Lefrak would brink me Red Lobster,

I never knew they was coming, they would just pop up.”

It would be greatly appreciated if any fans of this blog were to bring me some grilled halibut.

Havoc’s Brother: We Called Him Killa

Chapter 24 

The Game

Source: YouTube / hiphopfoshow

Tragedy Khadafi released Thug Matrix October 4, 2005.

There is not a rap genius page for this one.  Havoc mentions his “Baby Bro” midway through the first verse at about the 33 second mark. 

I have not heard the entire Tragedy Khadafi catalog.  I wish I have listened to it all.  I have Against All Odds, Still Reporting, and Thug Matrix.  There is a lot more I am missing.

This album, Thug Matrix, is great.  Havoc appears on two songs.  Cormega is featured on two songs.  Littles is on two songs.

I strongly recommend listening to "Stay Free."  This is one of the songs that features Littles.  I think it was produced by Alchemist.

Another song off this album i recommend listening to is "Break Bread" featuring Cormega.

Edit: Just like with Infamous Mobb, I can’t talk about Tragedy without dropping the “top 50 hip hop tracks” tag.

In this case, I am giving the nod to "T.O.N.Y. (Top Of New York)."  Easily a top 50 Hip-hop song.

Havoc’s Brother: We Called Him Killa

Chapter 23

Neva Change

Source: YouTube / MurdaMuzikTV

Mobb Deep released Amerikaz Nightmare on August 10, 2004.  The Mobb was back on a major label.

rap genius Lyric Page for “Neva Change”

On line 14, I believe Havoc raps, “God give me one last word to Killa.”

I enjoy some of Prodigy’s lyrics on this one:

"Growing up broke, snatching chains and coats,

Smoking weed with coke (Editors Note: I’m in a recovery program), selling fiends soap.

Drunk sleeping on the bench, I couldn’t make it upstairs,

Woke up and seen the kids on they way to school.

Borrow money from my drug dealer friends, so I can buy a beer.

Yeah, that’ll put me on my feet again.”

Havoc’s Brother: We Called Him Killa

Chapter 22

Light A Candle

Source: YouTube / gpart3

I think the YouTube Channel I have linked as the source is Godfather’s own account.  You know I am going to be checking in on his projects.

This is an Infamous Mobb song that is truly a solo song on an Infamous Mobb album.  I think they would give each member a solo song on every album.  I thought it was a cool idea.

Blood Thicker Than Water, Vol. 1 was released April 20, 2004.

There is not a rap genius page for the lyrics to this song.

Havoc’s brother is mentioned once or twice during the second half of the song.  It is great that we actually have a video to accompany the music.  There is even a picture of “Killer Black” during the video.  There is also a picture of Big Twins with his twin brother.

Finally, how can I do an Infamous Mobb post without dropping the “top 50 hip hop tracks” tag?  I can’t.  In this case, I want to “Light A Candle” for the song "Blauu!".  Personally, I could do an entire post based on the top ten lyrics from this song.

Havoc’s Brother: We Called Him Killa

Chapter 21

Tough Love

Source: YouTube / infablu

Free Agents: The Murda Mixtape was released by Mobb Deep on April 22, 2003.

I think when this album came out Mobb Deep was an independent rap group and they were trying to get a new deal that was somewhere in the neighborhood of forty million dollars.  I think they released this album to show the industry they still had “it.”

rap genius Lyric Page for “Tough Love”

This is a very complicated project that I will equate to a triple album.  First off, there were two discs included in the packaging.  I will explain the second disc first because it is not very consequential to this discussion.

I believe the second disc included with this album is a compilation of recordings made by artists with Mobb Deep to be released on separate projects for Landspeed Records.  I don’t know much about the music industry.  I think that Landspeed Records might have manufactured and distributed the CD’s to stores.  This would never happen today because all this stuff would simply be available for download at Dat Piff or Live Mixtapes.  There are a lot of interesting collaborations on here.  50 Cent, Kool G Rap, and Alchemist all make appearances.  There are even a lot more artists.

The first disc is a little more relevant to the Mobb Deep catalog as a living and breathing “work.”

The first half of the first disc is a great Mobb Deep album of completely original material chalk full of classic lines such as, "Shorty you must be sick, we been getting burned like the Waco kids."

The second half of the first disc is a collection of “freestyles” compiled by DJ Whoo Kid.  These freestlyes are Mobb Deep rapping new lyrics over some of their classic beats.

This is where I found “Tough Love.” 

On line 19 Havoc says, “My little brother took his life, forever I’m stuck with an ice grill.”

A simple definition of “Ice Grill” is a “cold blooded stare” (urban dictionary).