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Hip-hop Top 101 Videos

I am now starting to identify the most successful marriages between Hip-hop and film.

The first video I offer for evidence is an abandoned collaboration between Godfather Part 3 and the New York City Department Of Tourism to create a promotional video to lure wealthy Germans to New York City for vacation.

"Mobb 4 Life" by Godfather Part 3

Source: YouTube / gpart3




Thanks to Keyboard Kid for a much needed trip to Based World.

Havoc’s Brother: The Conclusion

I have not posted on this topic in a few weeks. 

In case you are new, allow me a second to explain.

I previously did 25 posts of music that mentioned Havoc of Mobb Deep’s brother “Killa Black.”

The last post I did was from some music that was released in 2008.  That was post number 25.

I am calling it!  The series is over.

The next song I can find is from 2013.  That is "Street Lights" by Mobb Deep.  During this song Havoc mentions his brother “Wilding with the iron” (1:14).

Another mention of Killa Black is from the track, "Real Niggas."  Nas mentions him at about the 2:54 mark.  This song was from the “QB’s Finest” compilation released by Nas in 2000.

Last but not least, "Position" by Mobb Deep.  “Position” was included on The Safe Is Cracked.  This album was released by in 2009.  I believe this album is a collection of studio outtakes from Mobb Deep’s long and storied career.  At the 48 second mark Havoc says, “Once my physical took his own.”  He continues to state that he found a genie in a “brown bottle.”  This is not the first time Havoc references descending into alcoholism after this sad event.

The series is over.

Bun B

As a way to commemorate Bun B’s collaboration with the Mobb, I am dropping the “top 50 hip hop track” tag on his classic song called “The Story.”

Juicy J killed it too.

Source: YouTube / Barre Baby

G-Side Is Back

The track is called “Statue.”  When G-Side releases their next album, I predict we will have another classic on our hands.

I personally like to think of Block Beataz as the third member of G-Side.  I don’t even know if that makes sense because I think Block Beataz are two guys.  It doesn’t matter.  Block Beataz is on the boards or they are on the 1’s and 2’s.  What I am trying to say is that they produced this joint.



There is a wholeness, an impenetrable circularity, to ‘The Infamous’ as a result. Havoc, who grew up in Queensbridge, taught Prodigy in the secret-handshake style of his projects, while Prodigy, whose grandparents were jazz royalty, taught Havoc how to use studio equipment. In each case, the student became more adept than the teacher, and the result is a seamless cohesion, Havoc and Prodigy representing two halves of an endlessly repeating thought.